Project Life & Stampin’ Up!

Hello, thanks so much for being here today. I am sharing some more of my Project Life with you guys. For this spread instead of using my normal Studio Calico kits, I actually tried out one of the new Project Life by Stampin’ Up! (well not so new now). This is the Everyday Adventure Card and Accessory sets and I would really love to know what you think.

I am also sharing this over at my Stampin’ Up! site CraftwithCat.




DecisionInspired.PLWK24RHIf you’d like more info on the Project Life by Stampin’ Up! collections then please check out my website or my shop. If you’re in the UK, Germany, France, Austria or Holland then you can use my online shop. For my American readers you can find a local demonstrator on the site :D

Cat xx

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Project Life Weeks 21-22

Gah, I know, it has been FOREVER since I updated this blog…. I am sorry. Life just gets… SUPER busy! I am trying to update my Stampin’ Up! blog pretty regularly, and that’s over at CraftwithCat so please check that out!

So to get myself more caught up let’s share some Project Life spreads. Yes I realise I am soooooooooo behind right now! In terms of what I am working on I am on August, but here I am sharing May. I have more photographed and many more ready to photograph so I am sure I will catch up soon! I am TRYING to get caught up by the end of the year, wouldn’t that just be awesome?!?

Week 21:





You can see there is an insert here. It was a friend of ours’ birthday so it ended up being a pretty heavy weekend! Lots of fun!

Week 22:



You can see here that we attempted ‘juicing’ which last all of about 2 days before we indulged in yummy pizza. We are NOT good at dieting!!

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New Stationary Goodies

So last weekend hubs and I took a trip to Bicester Village, I wanted to visit the Kate Spade shop and have a peek in Smythson as I always do. It’s not too far from us so it’s quite a nice thing to do, plus now they have some other new shops there’s more that appeals to Mr B (Barbour for one!).

Anyway, I thought you might like a peek and the goodies I came away with. Yes I totally went over the top, of course. And yes they are to die for!



So in Kate Spade I got this cute rose gold iPad mini case which I just love. I did spend some time mulling over my choice here, and what I had really wanted was an iPhone case, but they had such a poor selection for iPhones I didn’t get one (I did however win one on Ebay which I’ll share with you guys soon). Also I totally feel in love with this gorgeous orange and gold bow bracelet. Isn’t it super cute?!?!



In Smythson I bought a gorgeous notebook case which will be perfect for work (and other things) and I love the A5 size so I can then punch the note paper and add it to my filofax – perfection!


And man…. that colour! It’s like a corally orange, with almost a pearly look to it. It is pure perfection! Love at first sight!!

So here is everything together:


Cute hey? So what have you been splurging on recently? I’d love to hear about it!

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Project Life Weeks 19 & 20

As you know I am on a mission to be caught up with my Project Life both on my blog and in real life ;) So here I am with weeks 19 & 20, they both have inserts which most of my weeks tend to at the moment…. I hope you like them :)

Week 19:





Week 20:




DecisionInspired.PLWK20RHThanks so much for being here today and I hope you have enjoyed seeing these two weeks. May was a fun month and I loved the Studio Calico kit, it’s funny how the colours just went so perfectly with my photos.

Cat xx

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Project Life Weeks 17 & 18


In the spirit of continuing to catch up with my Project Life I am posting a couple of weeks at a time. I am actually done until Week 27 so hopefully by the time I have posted them all here I will be caught up and sharing more on time ;) That’s the plan at least! So here is Week 17:



I love Spring & Autumn the most when it comes to the seasons, and here in the UK we had a fantastic Spring this year, and I am hoping for a great Autumn! So I take more outdoorsy photos at this time of year, playing with the sun, and where we walk Mabel (or dog). So some weeks can look kind of samey I guess, but I’ll see what you think ;)

So next up is Week 18 and I’ve got an insert here:






I go to thinking that seeing my Project Life spreads really does give you guys a good insight into my life, and my personality I guess too. I think it’s fairly obvious, for example, that humour is a huge part of my life, and Mike and I like to laugh A LOT. We are always mucking about, sending funny things to each other via iMessage or whatever it might be. My sister joins in most of the time too which is great fun. The three of us just have such a laugh together, you know where you really belly laugh, until your insides hurt? Yeh it’s awesome :) I am so blessed to have those two.

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Beauty Box Comparisons


I thought I’d start off my new type of posts with a good one ;) Well I think it’s a good one at least! I decided to subscribe to a couple of beauty boxes to try them out and see if there was one I wanted to get long term. A few years ago I joined Birchbox and got a few months worth but got a bit bored of it and decided I’d rather have some extra £ to spend on scrapbooking supplies hehe! The reason I suddenly got interested is because I guess my interest in make up and beauty has grown. Not that I wasn’t interested before, but I didn’t really do much other than buy the same brands and often seeing & trying new things either in department stores or at the airport in the duty free shop! I actually saw some interesting beauty posts on some lifestyle blogs and started watching YouTube videos with hints and tips and now it’s safe to say I’m hooked ;)


So I signed up with three boxes to start with, I chose Birchbox again as being one of the biggest names both in the UK and the USA I figured it was worthwhile giving them a second chance. Plus I liked the idea of getting some lifestyle products too. You can find out all about Birchbox here.


I also chose Glossybox, again they are a big name and quite a few people seem to get both these two boxes, or at least for a few months to then choose between which one. I like the idea of more luxury brands, and I liked what I had seen on other blogs and YouTube videos. I also think their website branding is more to my taste, it’s cute. You can check Glossybox out here.


My Little Box is a new to the UK beauty box which I thought looked really cute. I’m not really sure how I first came across it, I think it was on another blog when researching which beauty boxes to try out. First off I loved the idea of it being new and being one of the first to try it out – I always love an exclusive ;) Also the website was just really well designed and super cute, and I figured if the box is anything like this I am bound to love it. The aim here is to get samples of beauty items, and some from My Little Box themselves who appear to have their own brand My Little Beauty. Also you get some lifestyle products too which I like the idea of. There is also a different theme each month, so September was Parisienne which was sooo cool! Though throughout my video below you hear me call it My Little Parisienne Box instead of My Little Box, sorry! You can find out more about My Little Box here.

So I figured the best way to accurately compare them was in a video. Now please bear with me as this is my first non scrapbook related video and there are a ton of things I’d do differently next time but I really didn’t want to re-record. First off I’d use a different lens so that I was in the shot, I am aware that at a few points I hold the items too high, and it does feel a bit weird not to see my face. But I am planning to record a video for next month too, and I’ll plan to have made a load of those changes for then :)


So I’d love to know what you think, which of the three boxes looks the best in your eyes? Do you already subscribe to one/all of these? Which is your favourite? Oh and any tips on which lens would be better then please let me know ;)

Cat xx

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Project Life 2014 Weeks15 & 16

Hi guys, here I am with a few more Project Life spreads. Haven’t heard of Project Life? Where have you been?!?! Hehe only joking, check out Becky Higgins’ site and all will be revealed ;) I subscribe to Studio Calico’s official Project Life kit and also have some Stampin’ Up! kits so you can see what I work with.

Here’s Week 15:



And Week 16:


DecisionInspired.PLWK16RHThanks so much for being here :)

Cat xx

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Studio Calico Camelot Kit Scrapbook Layouts

I wanted to share some layouts I created using the Studio Calio Camelot kit. It’s an old kit now, from June, yes I am pretty far behind with my kits. They are starting to pile up and I want to seriously make an indent into them. I still have bits from a few months before, they’re on my list to finish up and any leftovers I want to go into my stash.

Anyway, here they are:


DecisionInspired.09.14.Family-03 DecisionInspired.09.14.Family-02 DecisionInspired.09.14.Family-01


DecisionInspired.09.14.Friends-03 DecisionInspired.09.14.Friends-02 DecisionInspired.09.14.Friends-01


DecisionInspired.09.14.Girls-03 DecisionInspired.09.14.Girls-02 DecisionInspired.09.14.Girls-01

There’s a few more, which I’ll share soon. I have some fun things coming for the blog though, and am trying to make this more of a lifestyle blog, so something for everyone. I hope you like what you see, and please, as always, let me know your thoughts.

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Some Changes…

Hi guys, I just wanted to check in and let you know where my head is at with some changes I am thinking of making here…

I would like to try and integrate all my websites. So as you know I am also a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, and I want to try and add the blog I use for that here… I am thinking it might be with just a tab at the top to start off with and see how I go. I am debating what to do with the design of this site though. Currently it is very blog like, but if you check out my SU site CraftwithCat you’ll see it is more like a ‘proper’ website. I am thinking of having a similar design on the front page here – what do you think? Maybe with a tab for the blog and other sections at the top…

I also want to re-design my header… I just don’t like it any more. I need to think about that more… For now I will continue with my plan to post more regularly while working on ideas for those in the background. With regards to the content I mentioned the other day some of the other things you’ll start to see here as well as Scrapbooking, so here’s a list of the sort of thing I want to cover:

  • Scrapbook Pages
  • Project Life Spreads
  • Planner Pages
  • Planner Resources
  • Beauty Reviews
  • Stationary Reviews
  • Lifestyle/Recipe ideas/reviews/resources

I just want this place to be more like me, so not just about the scrapbooking. I think it will take the pressure off photographing and uploading all the time. I would like to have some sort of schedule, so certain days of the week, or dates of the month, a certain thing happens. I also intend to do more YouTube videos, on the subjects listed above, and already have some ideas here.

I hope those of you who are dedicated Scrapbook fans won’t be too disappointed, you can always skip the days that have posts not scrapbook related, and I hope you understand that scrapbooking isn’t the only thing about me. That’s why I want to expand this a little…. to be more me.

Anywho I guess that’s the end of the rambling for today… I might try adding a top tab and see how that works for a while to link to CraftWithCat – let me know what you think. Oh and if you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts etc, please do add a comment and let me know :) I just LOVE to connect with people :)

Cat xx

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