Project Life 2014 Week 52

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaassssss!!!!!! Yup, Christmas in May 😉 I am FINALLY sharing the last week of 2014! Whoop whoop! Christmas week had it’s ups and downs for us, and here’s a look at my spread:



To be honest, it wasn’t the best Christmas…. and I am quite glad that you can’t really tell that from these pages. I have written about hubby’s parents having to cancel, as they were due to come to ours with my parents and sister also all having Christmas day at our house. However I also hot some terrible news on Christmas day evening, that a dear friend had passed away at 30… I do want to add something in to this spread to mention it, but at the time I didn’t feel ready to do anything. I might add an insert or something… I am open to your suggestions :)


This side is just filled with photos from the few days. I might pull out one of the journalling cards and write something about my friend, or hide something behind it.. but for now it’s good.

How do you deal with the bad things like this? Normally I chuck everything in, and I have already got a photo from his funeral ready to go in the relevant week… But this seems harder somehow…

Cat xx

Happy Happy Happy

The layout I am sharing today is another I created as part of taking Wilna Furstenberg’s Colour Theory class at Studio Calico. As I mentioned on my previous posts this class is no longer available, but I really encourage you to check out her website for her other classes, as she is a wonderful teacher. This class I actually took back in January and was all about colour theory, which although I already know, I wasn’t really implementing in my scrapbooking. So this one is portraying ‘cool’ colours, and I just love it!

DecisionInspired.HappyIt is called Happy Happy Happy and I could literally look at this layout all day long. I am not sure if it is the subject (my little monkey pants, Mabel) or the colours, design, or all of it put together. I just love love love it!




I’d love to know about your favourite layouts, what is it that makes you really love one?

Cat xx


Project Life 2014 Week 51

So here we are right before Christmas, and this was a super fun week! Let’s jump straight in and take a look:



I just love the pink and green together that I have used here. The photos from this week are all super vibrant, so I did struggle a little, and thought about just going with black and white cards, but in the end decided that a bit of excess colour was OK 😉 I loved using the pink labels that came in the Studio Calico Project Life kit. They were actually numbered, and yes I have used some to mark the dates, but I have also journalled a little on some.

DecisionInspired.PLWK51RHHere you can see where I have used some of the pink labels for journalling only and not used the numbers at all, mostly when the date has already been noted before. I really think the vibrance of this spread echoes what a fun and energetic week it was, and I like that colour, along with the movement implied by the flower embellishments, can evoke those sort of feelings. Do you ever try and tie the colour and embellishments to the feel of the week?

Cat xx


Project Life 2014 Week 50

This is getting exciting as I am creeping closer to the end of 2014 and can finally start sharing my 2015 Project Life spreads! I always love the December kits over at Studio Calico and this year was no different. I like that it doesn’t feel too ‘themey’ and yet there is enough subtle hints towards the season. I love all the pink in this kit, it’s a great alternative to the traditional red for the season. So let’s take a look at this week:



For some reason I stopped drawing lines for my journalling. I know some of these cards are already lined though, so I guess I just didn’t think to do it on the ones that weren’t. As you can see this was the time that the Serial podcast was HUGE and hubby and I were totally obsessed! If you haven’t checked it out yet then please do, it is just simply amazing and will have you hooked from day one! I am liking the white writing on the black background in the top right pocket, but other than that everything is pretty simple and typical for me.

DecisionInspired.PLWK50RHThe lines are back on this page! I do love adding any word label/banners to the centre of a card like in the 3rd one in on the middle row. I’ve done something similar on the left hand page above, but placed it lower. I like to do this a lot and personalise my cards a little more. I echoed the white writing from the previous page, which helps tie things together. the bear in the bottom left card is super cute! I stamped him and then coloured him in with watercolours to bring some pink down to the bottom there. I want to wave back at home whenever I see him haha!

Thanks for looking, and as always any comments are appreciated :)

Cat xx


Complimentary Colours

Today I am sharing another layout I created from Wilna‘s Color Theory class at Studio Calico. As I mentioned before this class is no longer available, but I highly recommend any of Wilna’s classes, so check out her website.

In class we looked at complimentary colours and how we could use them in a scrapbook page. I knew I wanted to use this photo of my sister, and it had a lot of green it it, so I chose to go with red and green. Plus because this was in December, at the Christmas quiz we go to each year, that colour scheme fitted right in with the overall theme of the layout.DecisionInspired.Moments




I used watercolours for the background, and to colour the lovely die cuts that Wilna designed for the class. I paired them with lots of fun red embellishments I had from a recent Studio Calico kit and some add ons. The only issue I had was when I mounted the layout onto some other cardstock to straighten it out, you can see it creased. I’m OK with it though because as you know I’m not big on it being perfect, and I think it adds character to the layout. But then I think that words on an arty style one, not so much when it’s more minimalist and graphic. What do you think? Would it bother you?

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 49

You know I am so totally in love with Studio Calico’s November Walden Project Life kit. These past few ones have been some of my favourite because the colours are just so lush! And this week lives up to that for sure!

DecisionInspired.PLWK48DecisionInspired.PLWK48LHThat fox card is just the cutest! I love it soon much! I almost felt sad using it, but I know I always really love my spreads and layouts when I have used the products I love the most. I am keeping up with drawing lines on my journal cards, which I like.

DecisionInspired.PLWK48RHThese feathers are also lush and I really enjoyed using them this week, they really add to the spread. I also love the colours, super dreamy and fun!

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 48

Here’s another spread I absolutely love for you today. There’s a few things that make it special for me, both in the pictures & stories, and in the products & style I have used. Firstly let’s take a look at my Project Life 2014 Week 48:



I just love that photo of me in the top right corner. I was laughing uncontrollably and hubby took a photo as he found me so hilarious – this is the sort of thing we do A LOT! We laugh, like all the time, and get the most out of making each other laugh. I am not actually that funny, he is the funny one, but every now and then I come out with something great. Normally it is just me laughing or being silly that cracks him up! One of our ‘in-jokes’ is ‘I’m funny’ – because, well, I’m not 😉


The photo in the top left is stealing the show here really isn’t it? It’s a view from a building in London that hubs is working on. Lush isn’t it? I do love to include bits from his day to day life also, it’s our lives I’m documenting after all, not just mine (though mostly mine hehe!). Screen shots of texts are always great to include, and a good old selfie in the mix too! All round great example of a week for us!

Cat xx

They call me Mellow Yellow

Just me that thinks of that song whenever there is an abundance of yellow??……

Anyway…. in March I took a fun class from Wilna Furstenberg over at Studio Calico called color theory – unfortunately this class is no longer available, but I highly recommend any classes by Wilna, so check out her website for some of them. In this class there were two main focuses each lesson, a color theory lesson & a technique. Personally I just loved that approach! The class really inspired me to get thinking about my use of colour whilst getting messy with my layouts.

The first of my creations that I wanted to share with you today is based on using just one of the primary colours, and I chose yellow. The technique we covered was impasto which is when the paint is layered on super thick so that you see brush strokes. Wilma showcased this using one of her dies for the silhouette, and I decided to do the same (but chose a different design – it is still one of hers from the class though).
DecisionInspired.SisterLoveI just love this layout, and choosing the yellow was well thought out as it evokes happy thoughts. I went to town with the embellishments and I absolutely love it!




Thanks for being here, as always,

Cat xx


Project Life 2014 Week 46

I am very excited about sharing my week 46 spread from 2014 with you today. I think this colour scheme is one of my favourites and I just loved the Studio Calico Walden Project Life kit. And now, let’s take a look at this spread:


DecisionInspired.PLWK46LHYou can see I drew more lines on the journalling card again, I am really liking this effect and have definitely found more of a ‘groove’ doing this. I also re-discovered heat embossing recently, and even used it just to write the ’46’ on my week card. I used the Zig Emboss Writer pen, which used to be sold at Studio Calico but doesn’t seem to be anymore – if you type it into google though I’m sure you’d find it. I am also loving using the little labels from the Walden kit and cutting them to use on the edge of a photo – one of my favourite things to do time and time again. I do in fact which we got labels with every kit, or there was a label stamp & punch set or something. I might hope that Stampin’ Up! release one with their new catalogue in June 😉

DecisionInspired.PLWK46RHMore heat embossing here with the wooden flower piece – lush!

Thanks for being here,

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 45

Yup, still sharing last year’s Project Life spreads…. I am pleased to say that I have finished 2014 though, and even have it all photographed and ready for the blog! I am onto March in my 2015 album too, so not as far behind as I was last year – woo hoo!

In case you didn’t already know, I use the Studio Calico Project Life kits for my spreads, I do purchase the odd add on, but try not to include anything else. I do find myself reaching for some of my Stampin’ Up! punches and Project Life specific goodies sometimes though. If you don’t know about Stampin’ Up! then check out my dedicated website here.

So let’s take a look at week 45:


DecisionInspired.PLWK45LHI really liked the washi stickers and used them to create the pattern on the bottom left card. I think the ‘yes please’ label grounds it all nicely. I have also discovered that drawing lines like in the yellow bordered card to do my journalling with is helpful, and I really like the look of it. The stars on the cards are a reflective gold, it doesn’t show up too well, but I like the gold with the blue, greys and yellow.

DecisionInspired.PLWK45RHI have heat embossed with metallic gold on the bottom left card, I think it really adds something to the card, making it feel something special.

Cat xx


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