South Hill Designs

South Hill DesignsI have some very exciting news to share with you today! I have signed up to become an Independent Artist with South Hill Designs! It is a wonderful concept which I just fell in love with right away. You build your own charm lockets to suit your personal mood/feelings/life. So it’s like scrapbooking but for jewellery! You can see why I love it!! Here’s some examples of the sort of thing you can create:

South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs

Aren’t they just the cutest thing? I’m so so excited about this and I can’t wait to share all my creations and ideas. I plan to have a separate blog for them, I just need to get it all set up. But for now I wanted to let you know all the details. You can shop online 24/7 for these gorgeous lockets and charms, and if you’re interested in joining up then I have some fabulous news! There is an extra special offer available through the end of May to celebrate our UK start up! However, that doesn’t mean you have to be in the UK to join my team, we accept people from the US, Canada and the UK!! How cool is that?!?! Be sure to check out my South Hill Designs site and ‘like’ my Facebook page :)

So here’s the three countries info:


South Hill Designs USA:South Hill Designs Canada:South Hill Designs And that special offer I mentioned, well here it is:

UK:South Hill Designs USA:South Hill Designs Canada:South Hill Designs

Cat xx

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Hello There

Welcome along today :) I am here sharing a layout I created using some of the Neo Colour II’s and I absolutely love it! I definitely stretched myself here and took a leap of faith that it would work, and it did!

I just love this patterned paper that came in the Studio Calico April Bluegrass Farm kit. and I decided to colour in the flowers – this is what I wasn’t sure would actually work. So I took my time colouring them in, not too neatly as it would be difficult to do so with these crayons. So here’s my layout, called Hello There:

DecisionInspired.HelloThereAfterwards I used my water brush to add water to the areas and blend the colours. I just love how it ended up! I then cut a strip down and added it to some white cardstock, and this was the point at which I knew I had to add some colour to the white too. So I played some more with the NeoColours :)



Have you tried the NeoColours? Or colouring in on your layouts? I’d love to hear about it!

Cat xx

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Project Life Week 12

So being a Saturday I thought it a good idea to share a new Project Life week – I know lots of people like to share Project Life on Saturdays. Well that makes sense in my head at least haha! So this is my Project Life week 12:

Project Life Week 12

Project Life Week 12You can see that there is barely any journalling this week, and I’m OK with that. I feel like my pictures tell the story well enough. For example on the right hand side you can see we’re doing some sort of fitness activity, that I saw a Katie Price type of carriage taking people to a wedding, and that I was at my Slimming World Quarterly District Meeting :) Well, OK if you don’t know anything about my life you may not get those things, but I’m doing this for me, and I do haha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a quick peek into my life :)

Cat xx

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Re-Kindled Love

So here’s a new mixed media layout I wanted to share with you today. I used some Moulding Paste (also known as embossing paste) after listening to some of the Paperclipping Roundtable’s recent podcasts I have a re-kindled love for the stuff! Not that it’s been that long since I last used it but sometimes it’s good to be reminded why you love something :)

re-kindled love

Anyway I decided to get out a stencil and used that to create a fun background for my layout. I like adding layers in this way to my background paper, especially when it’s coloured as I feel it tones it down a little. You can see I also added those two bits of ruffled paper as well. I wanted to add some more texture and when it’s ruffled like this it makes me think of fabric.

re-kindled love

re-kindled love

re-kindled love

Have you recently discovered a re-kindled love for a technique or a product? I’d love to hear about it :)

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Project Life Week 11

Here I am with another Project Life spread, in fact I have a quite a few I plan to share soon. As always I have used the Studio Calico kit as my main focus and thrown in some extra bits and pieces from Freckled Fawn’s Oh Deer Me kit and some from Elle’s Studio. So here is my Project Life week 11:

Project Life Week 11

Project Life Week 11I really love the colours! I hope you enjoy having a look into my week :)

Cat xx

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{Inter} National Scrapbook Day

So it was National Scrapbook Day on Saturday and I was lucky enough to be asked by Studio Calico to host a challenge on the message boards! I had an absolute blast and between myself and Amanda we came up with the idea of trying something new. This is because I have been enjoying trying new things I’ve learnt in the Mixed Media class over there. So I wanted to share with you the layout I created:


So what was new for me here? Well to start with I used Gesso underneath my water colouring, which I’ve never done before. I also used Neo Colour II’s to add the colour instead of my usual watercolours. It was a lot of fun!

DecisionInspired.Smile-1 DecisionInspired.Smile-3 DecisionInspired.Smile-2I’d love you to go check out the challenge and see what wonderful projects were linked up!

Cat xx

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Project Life Week 10

I know it’s been some time since I shared some of my creative work here but as my previous post mention we have been pretty busy here with the house renovations! The bathroom is due to be finished at the end of the week and I just can’t wait! I will share the before & afters with you guys too :)

But for today here is some Project Life, I thought it was about time I got it photographed and on here. I have a few new projects to share with you over the next few days/weeks so please stay tuned as well as something fun for International Scrapbooking Day on Saturday.

Project Life week 10:

Project Life Week 10 LH

Project Life Week 10 RH

Thanks so much for being here today, and please check out my other crafty venture too!

Craft with CatCat xx

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An Update

I thought you might like to know why I haven’t been posting all that regularly here, and there’s a few reasons. Firstly we have had massive issues and home which has lead to a full re-furb job. The ceiling in our dining room & kitchen needed to come down, due to some leaks. After seeing how bad the plumbing was we decided to re-do the bathroom too – fun as my full time job is Creative Director at our family business Soak In Style which means I design bathrooms for a living! We had been planning to re-do the garden as well and hubby decided it would be a good idea to get that done at the same time. And just to add one more thing to this massive list of work being done we decided to rip off all the rendering off the wall in the hall way going up the stairs to reveal the brick work – this is a job hubby has been doing at the weekends so is taking forever!!

So if you remember this is what my dining room looked like:


ScrapSpace2013You can find out more about what my craft space was (and hopefully will be again!) like then please check out this blog post. So let’s take a look at how the room has progressed since then….


IMG_4090The ceiling has now been plastered and the lights are in, but we are waiting to re-decorate the whole room now as it’s been damaged so badly with all the mess! We’re going to re-paint the same colour but different wallpaper on the left wall where my craft zone is.

Fancy seeing what my hallway and bathroom look like too??







So as you can imagine, it is chaos. So I am basically living in my bedroom. The front room (sitting room/lounge) has turned into a bit of a dumping ground and there’s dust on everything due to Mike’s hard work in the hallway. So although we’re cleaning regularly I don’t like sitting in there much. All my craft stuff is in my bedroom, and it is proving a little hard to be creative, but I’m trying. This is what it looks like:





Yes you see correctly, that is a little porta potti in the bedroom :( The bathroom has our only toilet in it, so we’re having to use this. Luckily my parents live close so we’re popping there to shower regularly, and Mike has a shower at work. But yeh, it’s totally gross. I have no idea how people do this with children, I’d have to move out I think…

Anyway, the other thing that has been keeping me very busy is my new small business as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator here in the UK. We have some very exciting news about teaming up with Becky Higgins for Project Life products which I am over the moon about and you can find out about here. But please stop by my other site to see what I’m creating over there :)

fb_profileCat xx


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Project Life Step by Step

So as I mentioned yesterday I am sharing my Project Life step by step process here today. I have had some requests to do so, and I am doing it in photos today to mix it up from my usual process videos for scrapbook layouts. I’ll probably do a video for Project Life at some point I’m sure. I do have my 2013 Project Life albums in a video if you fancy a wee looky :)

So first off I just want to apologise, the step by step photos were taken quickly on my iPhone, so the quality isn’t great. But I really wanted to take advantage of this particular spread so I needed to work with what I had. I will start this by saying that I took hardly any photos in week 9. Like maybe 4. And so planning a whole double page spread with that could prove tricky, and that’s why I wanted to share this particular one with you.

I always start by laying out my photos on top of the pockets and choosing where they go:

Project Life Step by Step - Decision InspiredNext comes the cards, which usually come from Studio Calico’s current kit & the fab little  4×6 paper pad – this time was their Sugar Rush kit which is sold out, but their new one for April just went on sale. I sometimes add journalling cards from Elle’s Studio’s Monthly kit too.

Project Life Step by Step - Decision Inspired

You can see I added the letter stickers here before remembering to take my photo – oops! But that would be the first card I work on, and the first thing that gets stuck down.Project Life Step by Step - Decision InspiredThen I add in all the embellishments and play around with where they’re going to go. Plus add in anything I forgot – like a background for that photo of my sister in the top right hand pocket of the right hand side.

Project Life Step by Step - Decision Inspired

I haven’t stuck anything down at this stage, just placed them where I want them. It often happens that when I do come to stick down things change a little anyway.Project Life Step by Step - Decision InspiredAnd next I work on each card individually, sticking down and adding journalling. I go in order around the spread until it’s finished. It ends up looking like this:

Project Life Step by Step - Decision Inspired

Project Life Step by Step - Decision Inspired

You can see it looks quite busy now, and it’s not at all obvious that there’s hardly any photos! I find that having consistency throughout the spread really helps with that, and that’s where using a kit is really helpful. I know I often ad bits in from Elle’s Studio & Freckled Fawn’s Oh Deer Me kit, but I find they usually go very well with what I get from Studio Calico. So if you’re looking to find consistency in your spreads I really do recommend subscribing to Studio Calico, there’s some great bits in there. Each month is different, but kinda similar too if that makes sense. I feel its a bit like life, there’s some constants, but as with the seasons changing, colours change a bit as do what happens in life. Hmmm maybe I’m getting a little philosophical haha! But you get what I mean :)

Cat xx

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Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8

It’s been a little while since I updated you with my Project Life, so I thought I’d share a few weeks with you today, my Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8.  First up is Week 7, Valentines week. So of course I wanted lot’s of hearts and love all over my spread. I mostly used Studio Calico’s Sugar Rush kit – which I just adore, as well as some bits from Freckled Fawn’s Oh Deer Me kits (Jan & Feb) and Elle’s Studio too. We know I have a bit of a weakness for kits ;) So here it is, please take a look:

Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8Mabel is of course in here, as always ;) And you can see my order from Stampin’ Up! as I have become an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator :) If you’re in the UK and want to find out more, please check out my other site CraftwithCat.

Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8You can see us here with our besets friends, we just love getting together and always have such a blast. I love really showing the feeling and emotion in my spreads :)

Let’s take a look at week 8 also:

Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8I really love this week, as you can see not much really going on, but it still looks really fun :) We went out for ‘date night’ which we don’t do very often and are trying to do more of, and it was really fun :) So I wanted to make sure I got a few snaps of that :)

Project Life 2014 Weeks 7 and 8Thanks so much for being here today, please come back tomorrow as I am sharing my process for putting together a spread step by step, and it’s a spread with not many photos so it’s a great example :)

If you like the look of Studio Calico kits and use this link to subscribe then we both get some fabulous Calico Points! If you have any questions about Studio Calico let me know, I’d be happy to help :)

Cat xx


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