Project Life Week 33

Today I am sharing my Project Life Week 33 with you, and it has an insert in it. I like using different inserts within my album, and that can be anything from something small and slim like this week, to flu 12×12 scrapbook layouts. It totally depends on the photos and stories for the week. We had quite a lot going on this week, hubs had been working on the garden and was very proud of his efforts, so of course I wanted that to get in. Also his birthday was the following week and so we were out at the weekend with friends, and it wasn’t just any old birthday, he turned 30. So we had a big evening out in London and went to some really lovely cocktail bars and then out for a lovely meal too. It was perfect :)

Project Life Week 33 LH

Project Life Week 33 Insert.1

Project Life Week 33 insert.2

Project Life Week 33 RHThanks for being her, as always :)

Cat xx

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Project Life Weeks 31 & 32

Some more Project Life here today, see I am doing well with sharing and catching up with you guys ;) I am just loving the colours and all the cute embellishments in the Studio Calico kits! They are super fun and really help to bring my album to life. So today I am sharing Project Life Weeks 31 & 32 with you, and I hope you enjoy them.

Week 31:




Week 32:IMG_7352

IMG_7353So are you all caught up, or months behind like me? I’d love to hear about your Project Life status.

Cat xx

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Project Life Weeks 29 & 30

I have some more Project Life to share with you guys today. I am very excited as my refils for my Selphy are on their way and so I reckon I can get all caught up over the festive period :) Would yu believe I am also working on a December Daily album? I know, I am crazy haha! You will find that later this week over at CraftWithCat as I am using Stampin’ Up! goodies for it.

So here is Week 29 for me, and in case you can’t remember, that was back in July!! I do have up until September done though, and I can’t wait to get more caught up!



And here is week 30:


IMG_7349Now I know there isn’t much journalling for this week, but I am totally OK with that. Some weeks I just don’t have much to say, and I feel the pictures here tell the stories I want in my album well enough on their own.

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My Planner – Week 49

So here I am sharing My Planner – Week 49 with you guys from my planner/filofax. I am still using the Cocoa Daisy kit, and loving it. I am looking forward to getting the new weekly layouts for January though, they will make this part much easier ;)

My Planner - Week 49

My Planner - Week 49

My plan is to have a ‘Week in Review’ type of post on the reverse of this. I just need to actually do it ;)

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Project Life Weeks 27 & 28

I am determined to get my blog caught up on my Project Life spreads before the end of the year – although I am still a good 3-4 months behind myself ;) I have now at least photographed all my finished spreads and will be blogging these over the coming weeks. To make things quicker I have just used my iPhone for the pics, so apologies if the quality is not up to scratch, but I am hoping they will still work.

So let’s take a look at week 27:



And here’s Week 28:


IMG_7345As always I mostly use the Studio Calico kits. Love them :)

I am starting to think about my system for 2015…. Even though I am soooo behind with this year I still want to continue next year, but I am toying with going down to a handbook size. I am waiting to see what Studio Calico release, so may start the year a month behind, but am OK with that as I have so much to catch up on ;) What are your plans Project Life wise for 2015?

Cat xx

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Project Life Week 26

You’ll notice that I have missed out Week 25 here, and there is a reason for that. We were away for our friends’ wedding in Greece, and so with a multitude of piccies I will probably do a mini album. I like to take one large image for each spread here, and will add that in at some point (this was my plan for a week in 2013 too and it still isn’t there yet haha!).

So let’s take a look at this spread:



Thanks for being here, as always,

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My Planner – Week 47

As you all know, I am a massive planner/filofax fan. In fact I love all things stationery related. I thought it was about time I started regularly sharing what’s inside my planner, and I am looking at doing a video walkthrough of my set up soon. So firstly I thought it would be good to let you know what planner and system I am using, and then we can take a look at an example week.

My main planner is a gold Kikki K which I adore – they currently have a sale on, so go check it out! The quality of the rings is not quite as good as filofax in my opinion, but I don’t care – I love it! I am also getting the Cocoa Daisy planner kit each month and so that’s what I am using. To start with, here’s a look at week 47 in my planner:

My Planner - Week 47 - 1

My Planner - Week 47 - 2

I am currently playing around with how best to use the weekly part of the kit. However I have just seen that from January Cocoa Daisy have re-designed this section, and I feel the new layout will work well for me. I will continue to share my weeks here with the current set up though.

What I have done here is done a ‘Week in Review’ type of page on the left, and then my weekly plans on the right. However this system doesn’t work in this format, which I realised after I had done all this ;) The layout of the pages means that my week in review should be on the back of the current week, and so facing the following week. This is how I have done things for December, and I have ended up leaving out Week 48, so you will see that for next time :)

Within this set up I have used a mixture of lots of leftover embellishments, mostly from Studio Calico or Oh Deer Me kits. I have used the thin washi that came in December’s Cocoa Daisy planner kit to separate Morning, Afternoon & Evening – not sure if this works or not so am trying without this separation for December. I have also used one of Ali Edward’s Story Stamp sets for my week in review page. I also use some of hers in my daily pages which I will share soon too.

So what are you using? I’d love to hear about it :)

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Project Life & Stampin’ Up!

Hello, thanks so much for being here today. I am sharing some more of my Project Life with you guys. For this spread instead of using my normal Studio Calico kits, I actually tried out one of the new Project Life by Stampin’ Up! (well not so new now). This is the Everyday Adventure Card and Accessory sets and I would really love to know what you think.

I am also sharing this over at my Stampin’ Up! site CraftwithCat.




DecisionInspired.PLWK24RHIf you’d like more info on the Project Life by Stampin’ Up! collections then please check out my website or my shop. If you’re in the UK, Germany, France, Austria or Holland then you can use my online shop. For my American readers you can find a local demonstrator on the site :D

Cat xx

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Project Life Weeks 21-22

Gah, I know, it has been FOREVER since I updated this blog…. I am sorry. Life just gets… SUPER busy! I am trying to update my Stampin’ Up! blog pretty regularly, and that’s over at CraftwithCat so please check that out!

So to get myself more caught up let’s share some Project Life spreads. Yes I realise I am soooooooooo behind right now! In terms of what I am working on I am on August, but here I am sharing May. I have more photographed and many more ready to photograph so I am sure I will catch up soon! I am TRYING to get caught up by the end of the year, wouldn’t that just be awesome?!?

Week 21:





You can see there is an insert here. It was a friend of ours’ birthday so it ended up being a pretty heavy weekend! Lots of fun!

Week 22:



You can see here that we attempted ‘juicing’ which last all of about 2 days before we indulged in yummy pizza. We are NOT good at dieting!!

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