Project Life 2014 Week 44

I am excited to be sharing another Project Life spread with you guys today. This week is a fun one as it is Halloween from 2014! It’s funny because I actually looked back at the halloween weeks in my albums from the past few years, and I wasn’t 100% happy with them. Although I always have some super fun pictures, I never quite felt comfortable with the combination with the cards and embellishments. So this year I made a conscious effort to make the spread look co-ordinated and something I am happy with. I’d love to know what you think:


So you can see that my main colours were orange, black, grey and white. A great combination in my eyes!



I think halloween can be a tough week as the colours are often so bright! I thought it might be fun to show you 2013’s halloween week as a contrast. I don’t have 2012 on here as I wasn’t sharing my projects back then (I had just started!). I think this year is 100% better! What do you think? Have you ever compared weeks between years?


Layout Love

You know it had been some time since I had created a layout, I did a few before Christmas and then nothing since. Then I made four in one sitting and I absolutely loved it! I am finding that a whole 12×12 sheet is feeling a little large to work on, and so I am excited to move down to a 9×12 size soon. The first two I created I shared with you on Monday, and today I am here sharing the other two.

First off is Tea-Time, and this was a fun one where I really just played around with different layers of mixed media effects and then added my photo etc on top. The only thing I have realised is that I am not a huge fan of the stamp being half on the image and half on the page, not sure that has worked all that well. But as you all know by now, perfection is not what I strive for and so there is no way I am going to start this page again or anything. I get that the stamping isn’t perfect and I am totally OK with that. It has just taught me a few things for the future!


Now this page was a little bit more about playing and having fun than about documenting… Creating all these layers was so much fun, whether it was the paper ones or the mist and ink in the background.


Thanks for being here, as always,

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 43

Today I am sharing my Week 43 from last year with you, and as you can see below it was a pretty green week ;) I do think it is nice sometimes to pick a colour, and then use it in different shades throughout a spread. Sometimes I choose a main colour because I have a lot of it from my Studio Calico Project Life kit, sometimes it’s more because that colour jumps out at me from my photos, and sometimes it’s a mix between the two. As you can see this spread was quite brightly coloured and a real mix in the photos, so I needed some consistency with the cards. I went for green for a few reasons, partly as I had a lot of cards with this colour scheme in my kit, but also I felt that it neutralised some of the brighter colours in the photos.



What do you think? How do you choose your colours? I’d love to hear from you!

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 42

I am sharing another Project Life spread from last October with you guys today. This week I went away to Brussels for the Stampin’ Up! convention – it was an absolute blast! If you’re intrigued by Stampin’ Up! and want to know more then please do check out my other website CraftwithCat and I shared lot’s of fun from convention in three blog posts you can find here:

Back to Project Life, here is the double page spread from the week, and check out the extra inserts added in below:

ProjectLife14Week42Because this week had such a mix of bright colours in the photos I wanted to try and keep some uniformity with the background colour(s). For a lot of them I took a 12×12 sheet of cardstock and cut that down to mount some of my photos on. Others I found cards that suited the colour scheme. ProjectLife14Week42LHProjectLife14Week42insertAProjectLife14Week42insertBProjectLife14Week42RHI also want to share with you that I finally found a pen that will write nicely on top of my photos without smudging! The Micron pens have been a success for me! I am soon happy about this as I never had much luck with the traditional Project Life pens or even Slick Writers on my photos – now I have found one that works! Whoop whoop!

Cat xx


Some Scrapbook Layouts

Thank you everyone for entering the fab giveaway I ran last weekend. I have tried to contact our winner and had no response, so I will be drawing another lucky winner later today! So please do check your emails!

Today I thought I would share a couple of layouts I have finished up recently. I am still a bit behind as I tend to like to add layouts in with my Project Life, and these ones here slot in to October nicely. My plan is to get started on 2015 shortly, even if I still have a few weeks left of 2014 to finish up. I’m excited to get started on different sizings and see how it works for me :D

So let’s take a look at these:

DecisionInspired.JustGoI love creating fun mixed media backgrounds for my pages, and here I enjoyed mixing some different spray mists onto some plastic packaging and ‘smooshing’ (it’s a word! Haha!) it onto my paper. I love adding stamps with black ink on top of a background like this.

And here’s the other:

DecisionInspired.TheLittleThingsThis was a design/idea I had in my head for a little while before I actually got round to doing it. This lovely flower stamp came in a Studio Calico add on, and has since been re-released in another add on due to it’s popularity. I love that Studio Calico do that! Once I had stamped the image I then used NeoColor II’s to colour in the flowers and leaves and then a waterbrush to give the watercolour effect. I just love it! I think this might be one of my favourite layouts yet!

Thanks for being here, as always,

Cat xx

Cocoa Daisy Planner Kit Giveaway

I have some very exciting news to share with you today! I am doing a Cocoa Daisy Planner Kit Giveaway! I do mean the planner kit for the month of February, that was released in January. I was sent an extra kit by mistake that arrived with me this week. Now I know we are already have way through February, but the main kit isn’t dated, and so you could use it for next month if you wanted. The only dated bit is the February tab. There are a few bits missing, the stamp set isn’t complete and there isn’t a pen. However the rest is there, and this is what the full kit looks like:

Cat Burchmore Decision Inspired Cocoa Daisy Giveaway

The kit is A5 sized and is already punched with the 6 standard holes which fit most A5 planners. Now let’s get on to how you can win this baby! Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the giveaway section, there are four ways you can enter, one of which requires just your email address (so I can contact the winner).  My two business pages on Facebook are linked here for you to like, as well as my Instagram account. By doing all four that gives you the maximum number of entries. This is open until Sunday evening, on Monday I will contact the winner and get in the post on Tuesday morning. UK entries only – if you enter and live outside the UK and would still like to win then I would ask that you pay for postage. Click the link below to be taken to the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cat xx

Project Life 2014 Week 41

I powered through some Project Life spreads a few weeks ago, and am sharing the final one I have completely done. So it will be a few days until I get a few more done and shared. Tomorrow I am sharing my new plan for 2015 though, so definitely check that out!

Here is Week 41 from 2014, a typical October week in the UK full of rain ;) Here is the double spread:ProjectLife14Week41

The left hand side, which was a week of selfies it seems! I was trying out some new make up and that meant selfie city!ProjectLife14Week41LH

Here is the right hand side, obviously Mabel had to appear in here somewhere. I have been trying to capture how she plays with her food when I first pop it down for her in the evenings but it’s pretty hard to really get it in a photo. It super cute though!
ProjectLife14Week41RHCat xx


A Holiday & A Mad Hatter’s Tea….

I have week 40 from last year here to share with you today. This was the first week in October and it was such a fun time for us, so much so that I have a lot of photos – and that means more inserts! So I actually have two full spreads, plus an extra insert for this one week!

I will just explain quickly that this is partly due to the fact that we were on holiday. Hubby, my sister and I took off a week and spent most of it visiting hubby’s parents in Suffolk. It was so nice to spend lots of time with them and really get a feel for where they’re living (they moved there in June).

So here is the first spread:ProjectLife14Week40.1

And a close up of the left hand side:ProjectLife14Week40.1LH

Here’s the right hand side of the insert:ProjectLife14Week40insertA

And the left hand side of the insert:

Here’s the right hand side of the first double page spread:ProjectLife14Week40.1RHSo looking at the second spread, this covers our journey back home and then the weekend. O the Sunday we actually took our Mum up to London to the Sanderson Hotel for a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea which was her birthday present from us (back in September). So you will see some super fun pics from that! Here is the spread:


A close up of the left hand side:ProjectLife14Week40.2LH

And the right hand side, with all the mad hatter fun! I thought the super bright colours in the kit suited this part of the week perfectly :DProjectLife14Week40.2RHThanks for being here, I always love to hear from anyone who reads this, so please feel free to leave me a comment, it is always well received :)

Cat xx


Project Life 2014 Weeks 38 & 39

I really am powering through some Project Life spreads – finally!! I am excited to get started in 2015! I am thinking that I might start this year anyway and then have a few weeks left from 2014 to do along side it for a little while… we shall see…

So today I am sharing 2 weeks worth with you guys, I’m thinking that being a Saturday you may have a little more time to look, though if the kiddos have activities then maybe not… Haha! Ah well, I am sharing two and I hope you like them! First up is week 38, and here is the double page spread:ProjectLife14Week38Left hand side close up:ProjectLife14Week38LHRight hand side close up:ProjectLife14Week38RH

Next up is week 39. I am loving the blue and the greeny/yellow in this kit! It goes perfectly with grey – but then what doesn’t?!?! I think grey is my favourite, other than white. White is the colour king!ProjectLife14Week39

Left hand close up:ProjectLife14Week39LH

Right hand close up:ProjectLife14Week39RHIf you like what you see, you might want to check out Studio Calico and their kits. I just love them, and getting that box of goodies each month is super fun! If you use any of the links here then both you and I will get some fab Calico Points that can be used against Add Ons – who doesn’t love free stuff!!

Cat xx


New Scrapbook Layouts

You know it has been an absolute age since I created any layouts. I have stacks of Studio Calico scrapbook kits just sitting there… so I have decided I need to get some done, and for every month of Project Life I complete I am challenging myself to create at least 2 layouts. I know that’s a small amount, but it’s a start. And for now, that’s good enough for me! So today I thought I would share my latest two layouts.

I definitely think that people are driven by different things when it comes to memory keeping. I also think that we can flip to different things now and again. So for me, I am heavily product driven. So I like new stuff – this makes me an idea customer ;) For these two pages, it was the scrip patterned paper that got me. On both of them I wanted the paper to be important.

This first one I emphasised the paper by keeping the photo super small, but balanced it by only having 1/3 of the page with the lovely scrip paper. I love it!DecisionInspired.Nandos For this layout I definitely wanted the word paper to steal the show, and I hope it has. I still wanted to emphasis the photo, and lifting it on the wood veneer helps with that.DecisionInspired.MeI hope you like them, I know I do! It has helped me rediscover my passion for layouts, and I can’t wait to get making some more!

Cat xx


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